Welcome to Interbellum, a runescape Private Server. The main forum site is in the www.interbellum.net, the server is a new server so more people the better so, Join.

The coders&developers are David and Peter.

Right now the server has everything, Summoning is being coded/fixed.

Things to be added to this wiki are Monster Drops, Guides to make money, and how to do things that are very hard to do but if you have anyother suggestions what to add to this wiki just ask.

Wiki Section Links Just Incase You Don't Know how to navigate the wiki.

Monster Drops: Click Here
Safe Spots: Click Here
Guides: Fletching Guide, Mining Guide, Smithing Guide
Coming soon guides: Runecrafting (Tom), Prayer (Tom/Anaithnid), Fishing (Tom/Anaithnid), Cooking (Tom/Anaithnid), Farming (Bye), Herbing (Bye/Tom[If you want to Tom if you don't just tell me])